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Automatic Sliding Gates

  • Imported from the best company in Europe
  • Available in horizontal, vertical and special model for less lintel height
  • Thickness 42 mm maximum size available 8mtr X 6 Mtr
  • Also can be inter locked with dock leveler 
  • European standard 13 241/EN

Automatic Sliding Gates are a practical means of access control. Fitting automated slide gate systems further the ease of use and convenience. We have a range of slide gate operators which are specifically for residential use. 
We are providing gates weighting from 350 kg up to 3500kg.

Salient Features :
Low voltage irreversible gear motor, which offers great versatility and extreme safety.
Design and practicality: great aesthetic innovation and improved guard solidity.
Safe and simplified release manoeuvre by means of the new ergonomic knob.
Anti-squash safety provided by a special electronic device adjustable both on opening and closing, and inverts the direction in case of obstacles.
In case of power supply failure, operation is guaranteed by a back up battery unit (SB BAT) inside the motor casing. Supplied upon request.
Easier access to the control panel provided by the control board located on the front.
Built-in double-channel rolling code receiver.
Control panel prearranged for the EElink protocol.
Available in the inductive limit switch version (by using the FCM KIT)