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Crash rated barrier

Designed to completely close an entrance line to a facility and bring vehicles to a rapid halt, Our K-series drop arm cable barriers are the barriers of choice for military, government and commercial installations around the world.

Our K-series cable barriers are constructed to provide the highest level of protection against ramming. In the event of an attempt to break through the barrier, the cables, which are hidden in the body of the gate arms, capture the chassis of the vehicle and transfer the energy of the moving vehicle to the concrete anchors. These anchors, which can be surface mounted or below surface, then wrap around the vehicle and bring it to a complete halt.

Engineered to meet both the US DOS and UK PAS standards, the unique K-Series anti-ramming design has been proven in the field against threats including terror and theft. The K-Series barriers are installed across the world and are the de-facto standards for drop arm barrier solutions for the security services and military in a number of countries. The K6000 and K5000 are also used extensively to protect commercial interests with the