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Sectional Door

  • Imported from the best company in Europe
  • Available in horizontal, vertical and special model for less lintel height
  • Thickness 42 mm maximum size available 8 mm X 6 mtr.
  • Also can be interlocked with dock leveler.
  • European standard 13 241/en

How does it work?
The Sectional door is double layered door comprising of a sheet of steel from inside and outside. Besides, all sections are additionally armoured comprehensively for greater rigidity and are uniformly filled with polyurethane rigid foam. They offer structural integrity as well as excellent thermal insulation with zero door noise. The closing of a loading point requires robustness, together with simplicity and speed of use; Sectional doors are customised to meet these needs and can operate as per the site condition. ¬ The doors can operate vertically upwards or if there is a space constraint they can operate parallel to the ceiling. The panels are built with a material having advanced insulating properties that offer excellent thermal resistance. Special seals installed around the entire door complete the unit’s protection against rain, wind and humidity. The door provides completely clear opening, providing space for vehicles to maneuver and assisting the loading and unloading of goods.

Why go with us?
•  Sectional doors can have operations with motion sensor, rope way, loop detector     and push button.
•   They can be automated as well as work manually too.
•   They offer long term endurance even in conditions of heavy duty use.
•   Vision panels can be provided as per the client’s requirement. 
•   Sectional doors can have a pedestrian door, if the same door is going to be used for     material and man movement. 
• They are available in variety of colors as per the client’s request to suit his     ambience.
•   These doors together with the dock levelers, and dock seals offer the best solution      for the loading and unloading bays.
•   The doors move with out vibration, friction or tension. Hence zero noise. 
•  You can not only choose the dimensions but the configuration as per your site     conditions. 
•  Easy usage, durability, and aesthetic s constitute an integral part of the sectional    door.